Weekly Financial Newsletter – July 22nd, 2018

Making big moves this week!

Our checking account grew by $1600 due to having extra cash on hand after the wife’s bonus. Once we roll into next month and pay rent, we’ll move some of the extra cash into our savings account and start building up the stockpile for a NEEWWW CAAR!

Business income was slower because we were out of town for the 4th, and I was lazy last week when it came to side projects. So it brought in $112.

Cash: 11,722
HSA: 1,344
Business Checking: 654
Checking: 4,684
Savings: 5,039

Our stock portfolio is growing at rapid rates due to the wife being awesome and contributing to her 401k! The stock market was mostly flat all week, up about 0.5%. Trump-a-dump has been talking shit on China and China is on the brink of economic collapse. So we may have rough seas ahead. I sold $4500 worth of stock from my brokerage account to put towards student loans, so our overall portfolio size dropped because of that. Balances are now as follows:

Portfolio: 60,340
Down -5.6% for the week because of stock sale.
Up 21.9% for the year
His 401k: 37,865
Her 401k: 15,756
SEP IRA: 6,717

Debts! We are sooooo close to being debt free! Our credit card balances are essentially sitting at $0 and with the most recent payment from the stock sale my student loans are at $4186. Over the past 30 days we’ve paid almost 8k off on these bad boys. Almost there.

We didn’t have a lot of spending this week overall, mostly because just taking it easy after our trip, and not a lot of action happens in the middle of the month for expenses.


Student Loans 4,500
Utilities 326
Groceries 110
Insurance 75
Personal Care 54
Gas 53
Hobbies 20

We’re in good shape and the future is bright! Once the loans are paid off (I kind of want to see if it can happen before the honeymoon, it’ll make the trip even more enjoyable than it already will be!), I’ll start contributing to my 401k again so we can lower our tax bill before the end of the year.


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