Weekly Financial Newsletter – July 29th, 2018

Honeymoon inbound! Less than month now!!!

Our checking account balance is down $923 after some bills and credit card payments, but still sitting pretty!

Business income was still small at $169 and I transferred the extra money in that account to pay an extra payment of 350 to student loans and $40 into the SEP IRA. Essentially any profit I take from the company, 20% of it can be contributed to that retirement account.

Cash: 10,733
HSA: 1,344
Business Checking: 584
Checking: 3,761
Savings: 5,044

Had a pretty good week in the stock market. It’s earnings week so stocks either move a lot up or down. Biggest news is Facebook and Twitter messed up bigly and both dropped 20%! Yikes!

Portfolio: 60,474 (up a whopping 0.1%)
His 401k: 38,570
Her 401k: 15,644
SEP IRA: 6,771

Debt: credit cards are at $50 and student loans are at $3842. It’s looking like they’ll be paid off on August 20th!!! Just in time for Mexico! Soooo excited!!weekly_expenses

Student Loans 709
Clothing 129
Groceries 75
Restaurants 67
Honeymoon 64
Alcohol & Bars 59
Gardening 50
Home Goods 46
ATM Cash 40
Gifts 33
Fast Food 15
Electronics 8

If you’re still reading this boring ass thing I’m impressed! 😁 Blah blah blah, I like turkey sandwiches.

These financial newsletters help us to always be on the same page with finances and takes a lot of the stress out of it, which is a big pain point for a lot of couples. Open lines of communication are key!


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