Monthly Financial Newsletter – July 2018

Spreadsheet day! Spreadsheet day! You KNOW I gotta have my spreadsheets! I figured on top of the weekly review, we’d have a monthly one since I plug in all the numbers anyway and have the data, and so we can see our overall monthly spending and progress.

Lets run the numbers…

Net Worth:
Due to the wife’s bonus we broke our monthly NW increase record. Starting July 1st our NW was at $57,547 and today it is at $66,312! That’s an increase of $8,765 (+15.23%). Hot dang!

If every month was like last month we’d hit our target FI number of $1.2m in 8 years (disregarding inflation). That’s a lot of cheese burgers! More realistically I’m estimating monthly increases in the 5k range to our NW for the time being. But the more the better! We should be on track to easily break 100k by the end of the year, something I hadn’t thought we’d reach until mid next year, so that’s awesome! high five

Here’s what our spending looked like:july_expenses

Rent 1,500.00
Internet 49.95
Cell Phone 70.00
Water 77.13
Electricity 249.00
Groceries & Household 578.20
Car Insurance 106.16
Home Insurance 0.00
Property Tax 0.00
Gasoline 134.24
Car 855.89
House 50.03
Misc. 40.00
Health Insurance 290.00
Personal Care 71.75
Necessary Expenses $4,072.35
Restaurants 226.49
Alcohol & Bars 135.44
Entertainment 28.32
Shopping 243.82
Travel 810.74
Gifts & Donations 35.77
One-Offs 0.00
Debt Payoff 8,638.48
Discretionary Expenses $10,119.06
Total Expenses $14,191.41

Obviously a HUGE chunk of that was student loans. Without that it comes to about $5553. And that’s including our trip and car repairs. I feel like we weren’t really worried about spending too much and still had lots of fun, with lots of cash money left over!

Our income for the month was $11,818.75, $1275 of which was side-income. We’re on the right track and future looks bright!


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