Weekly Financial Newsletter – August 5th, 2018

You’re in for a real treat this week with both a monthly AND weekly update! Oh boy!

Checking account balance is flying high at $5623 since we both got paid yesterday. Upcoming is the $2209 normal payment for student loans, as well as another $200 I transferred from the business account for a payment. As well as $500 to pay the credit cards to $0 for normal expenses. After that we’ll be sitting at $2714.

The plan is to then PAYOFF MY LOAN!! After that final payment we should be sitting at around $1400 until our next paychecks as everything else is already paid for!

Cash: 12,680
HSA: 1,344
Business: 667
Checking: 5,623
Savings: 5,045

Stock market was up about 1% this week, which for us means about +$500

Portfolio: 61,515 (+$1051 since last week, or 1.7%)
His 401k: 38,357
Her 401k: 16,292
SEP IRA: 6865

Debt is still at technically at $3842 in student loans until we pay it off next week! CC’s are at $0.

Spending for the week was really low, the biggest chunk being rent of course, but only $351 besides that, not bad… not bad…weekly_expenses

Rent 1,500
Groceries 74
Cell Phone 70
Restaurants 56
Auto & Transport 56
Personal Care 46
Clothes 35
Netflix & Patreon 13

Keep on keepin’ on!


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