Weekly Financial Newsletter – August 19th, 2018

It’s that time of the week! 3 more days until we’re on a beach sipping cerveza with our new amigos! Let’s do this thing…

We’re rolling into our first paychecks with no debt! Woohooooo! Figuring out what we need to live on post honeymoon and what we can stash into the car fund is the next step. I’m liking more and more the idea of the “anti-budget”, which is you put away what you want to save right away, and then we’re free to spend whatever is left as we please on whatever, without worrying about what it’s going towards. That’s kind of what we’re doing now anyway.

Right now the cash flow (in & out) until after we get back is going to look like this:

Checking balance currently: 2929
Cash for honeymoon (-750): 2179
Pay current CC balances: (-1000): 1179
Next paychecks (Sept 1) (+2200): 4379
Pay rent (-1500): 2879
CC charge hotel & shuttle (-1500ish): 1379
CC charge whales (-260?): 1119
CC other misc (-500ish): 619
Next paychecks mid September (+2200): 2819

So we good 😉

Moving on! This week the business income was a whopping $797. Got paid for royalties, sales, and normal freelance work.

Cash: 9,905
HSA: 1,386
Business checking: 1,481
Checking: 2,929
Savings: 5,046

Stock market was up and down all week, ending on a high note up about 1%

Portfolio: 62,385 (up 1.3% since last week or $834)
His 401k: 38,534
Her 401k: 16,917
SEP IRA: 6,933

Credit cards are at 964 but will be zeroed out tomorrow!



Clothing (Refunds incoming) 322
Groceries (Includes 110 at Costco) 198
Auto 87
Alcohol & Bars 86
Restaurants 69
Personal Care 63
Internet 50
Uber 39
Spotify 16
Fast Food 9
Pharmacy 7

Net worth is at $72,326. Up roughly 3k since last week.

Will be on a slight hiatus while we enjoy a much needed vacation!


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