Monthly Financial Newsletter – August 2018

What a month it’s been! We paid off my loans, traveled to Mexico and back on an amazing honeymoon, and the wife managed to break her toe! There’s never a dull moment being married!

(Re-enactment, not actual footage of honeymoon)

Now for the less fun part… Numbers!

Net Worth:

We once again somehow managed to kill it in NW growth this month, despite all the extra spending on the honeymoon. Starting the month we were sitting at $66,312. As of today we’re now at $74,244.42! An increase of over $7,932.35 (+11.96%).

Daaaannng. It certainly doesn’t seem like we’re saving that much but coupling 401k contributions with the debt payoff, it really helps boost the numbers. The stock market also had a good month at about +4% which means roughly 2k for us!

Spending for the month was pretty much on par with last month, we paid less on my loans, but added in the honeymoon.


Rent 1,500.00
Internet 49.95
Cell Phone 70.00
Water 68.18
Electricity 249.00
Groceries & Household 588.64
Car Insurance 90.94
Home Insurance 0.00
Property Tax 0.00
Gasoline 103.36
Car 38.16
House 40.00
Misc. 0
Health Insurance 290.00
Personal Care 468.49
Necessary Expenses $3,556.72
Restaurants 199.27
Alcohol & Bars 131.19
Entertainment 43.82
Shopping 244.40
Travel 2,257.14
Gifts & Donations 91.60
One-Offs 0.00
Debt Payoff 3,849.00
Discretionary Expenses $6,816.42
Total Expenses $10,373.14
After-Tax Salary 6,802.29
Supplemental Income 1,871.00
Income $8,673.29

I feel like our spending is still at a good level, and with major expenses like the wedding, honeymoon, and loans out of the way we should have no problem building up our car funds with the extra money. Without the large expenses like that we would have had about $4,406 of leftover cash to save this month (Total Income – (Total Expenses – Debt Payoff – Travel))

I have to make a tax payment to the IRS for business income next month for 2,300. But it’s either we do it now or in a giant chunk at the end of the year.

My raise should be kicking in this next paycheck and should give us ~$200 or so per check while my 401k contributions are still at 50% for the remainder of the year.

That’s it for now! Let’s keep up the amazing work!


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