Monthly Financial Newsletter – September 2018

It's the end of the month and spreadsheet day is upon us! Got my mind on the money and money on my mind! Let's start off with some net worth! NW is currently sitting at, $80,416! That's an increase of $6,171.64 (+8.31%). Slightly down from last month but mostly because I made less from business … Continue reading Monthly Financial Newsletter – September 2018


Weekly Financial Newsletter – September 29th, 2018

Another week, another newsletter! So much action today, scrubbing floors and caulking up a storm! Let's crunch some numbers! Our net worth is up over 80k! We've crossed the threshold and coming in hot at $80,416! That's up $1,296. Woohoo! We should just baaarely reach 100k by the end of the year, and that's the … Continue reading Weekly Financial Newsletter – September 29th, 2018