Weekly Financial Newsletter – September 9th, 2018

I’m skipping last week since it was the previous month anyway and it was a weird one after getting back from the honeymoon. Which by the way our grand total for the trip came out to $2,282!! Not to shabby considering that has been ONE student loan payment these past few months.

Here’s our balances:

Cash: 9,744
HSA: 1,406
Business Checking: 1,631
Checking: 1,559
Savings: 5,147

Business income was $0 since I didn’t do any work while away, and rightfully so! But I just released a new product and an update to ***********. Currently sales are averaging about $400 a month with is like having a decently profitable rental property! Not bad!

Stock market didn’t do much this week, down about 0.21%. But with our 401k contributions our balances are up ~$800 this week.

Portfolio: 66,884
His 401k: 42,127
Her 401k: 17,739
SEP IRA: 6,997

If we retired today we could live on $2675 a year or $7 a day! At least we can technically afford one happy meal shared between the two of us… It’s a start, and I’m Loving It® 😋

Credit Cards are at 2,530. The statement balances on these 2 cards are 700 and 300, so on the 15th we can pay those, then after our next checks wipe out the balances back to 0, and claim our 50k sign up bonus!

Mint is being weird right now so only cleared items are represented here.

Expenses: 2,131 month-to-date


Rent 1500
Restaurants (116 bday dinner) 206
Alcohol & Bars 129
Groceries 76
Phone 70
Gifts 38
Gas 31
Home Goods 12
Parking 4
Entertainment 2

I’m interested to see what a normal month looks like this month without any majorly huge expenses on the horizon. Should give us a good idea of what we need to stash away per month, and what we can spend on Gucci handbags and cocaine!


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