Weekly Financial Newsletter – September 16th, 2018

It’s a hurricane party! What an odd week… But looks like we escaped the worst of it and are high and dry, good thing we’ve been off since Tuesday… But I ain’t complaining!

Not tons of action this week, since all we’ve been doing is sitting around and stuffing our faces! Here’s where we stand:

Cash: 9,782
HSA: 1,325
Business Checking: 1,646
Checking: 1,648
Savings: 5,148

Stock market was slightly up, accounting for +$656 in gains. Plus a 401k contribution from the wife’s latest paycheck.

Portfolio: 67,843 (+1,306 since last week)
His 401k: 42,653
Her 401k: 18,759
SEP IRA: 7,081

We made 2 payments of 500 each to the credit cards. Slowly paying off the balance from the honeymoon. Once we get my paycheck on Thursday we should be able to wipe these out, but the current due statement has already been paid.

CC Balances: 2,028
CC1: 842
CC2: 1,186

Not a lot of spending, just food and booze to get us through the storm!


Restaurants (bday lunch/gift was 50) 182
Groceries 134
Home Goods 57
Healthcare 44
Alcohol & Bars 41
Gas 35

I’ve been spoiled getting to spend so much time with the wife! Going to suck going back to the normal grind of spending half of our days apart šŸ˜¦ All the more reason to keep saving up so we don’t have work the rest of our lives!


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