Weekly Financial Newsletter – September 23rd, 2018

It’s a Saturday and that means I ramble for 500 words or more about cash $ because I’m a weirdo! What’s wrong with me…

Despite my check being a total cluster-fudge, we still crushed it, AGAIN. Our net worth grew by $2,120 and is now sitting juuust shy of 80k at $79,120.

We still have yet to start growing our cash savings for car upgrades, mostly because of the honeymoon payoff and the fact that I’m playing catch-up on my 401k contributions for the year. But with my raise it should give us a couple hundred extra a month to drop in there, and no larger expenses on the close horizon either, other than the bling bling for the wife’s fing fing!

Cash: 10,124
HSA: 1,340
Business Checking: 2,315
Checking: 1,320
Savings: 5,148

Portfolio balance continues to climb! Stocks continue to do well despite Trump trying to ruining the party by having a trade war with China. They on the other hand are getting destroyed with their stock market down like 30% for the year. But that’s besides the point…

Portfolio: 70,526 (+2,683 for the week, 1,650 from 401k contribution)
His 401k: 44,710
Her 401k: 18,745
SEP IRA: 7,123

Spending! We’ve spent a bit more on restaurants this month but that’s to be expected with my bday dinner. And alcohol “budget” for the month has been surpassed, but what were we gunna go thirsty during the hurricane? I don’t think so!!

For the week: $898


Groceries 249
Electric 224
Home Goods 100
Insurance 95
Water 71
Internet 50
Alcohol & Bars 30
Personal Care 23
Gifts 22
Spotify 16
Restaurants 15

It looks like we’re on track to come right in around the 4k a month expenses mark which is what all my estimates have been based off of. We should have enough saved up to give the world the finger in like 7.5 yearish? But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…


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