Monthly Financial Newsletter – September 2018

It’s the end of the month and spreadsheet day is upon us! Got my mind on the money and money on my mind!

Let’s start off with some net worth! NW is currently sitting at, $80,416! That’s an increase of $6,171.64 (+8.31%). Slightly down from last month but mostly because I made less from business income as I’m starting to scale back freelance work in favor of figuring out which self-made project I want to do. The pressure of student loans has given me a sense of release and feel less pressure to bring in so much side income, which I think is good for my mental health and creative juices! Total post-tax income for the month was $7,701.03.

Spending for the month! Came in right about were I thought we would once my student loans were gone. We spent a total of $4,199.98. My estimates were somewhere right around 4k a month. Which if you do the standard calculation, which is 25 times yearly expenses in investments would be (48k/yr * 25 = 1.2m). So we’re ~6% of the way there! Woohoo!

Okay, expense breakdown:

Rent 1,500
Internet 49
Cell Phone 70
Water 71
Electricity 224
Groceries & Household 549
Car Insurance 95
Home Insurance 0
Property Tax 0
Gasoline 153
Car 4
House 30
Misc. 0
Health Insurance 290
Personal Care 74
Necessary Expenses 3,113
Restaurants 410
Alcohol & Bars 331
Entertainment 30
Shopping 181
Travel 0
Gifts & Donations 132
One-Offs 0
Debt Payoff 0
Discretionary Expenses 1,086
Total Expenses 4,199
After-Tax Salary 6,842
Supplemental Income 858.60
Income 7,701

Restaurants and Alcohol we’re a little higher than usual. Restaurants mostly because of my birthday dinner, and I guess we went to a ton of breweries this month, as that’s a bulk of the alcohol cost.

I’ll try to drink less of them craft brews 🙂

That’s pretty much it! 401k contributions keep this train rolling. At the turn of the new year and we drop them back down to normal levels rather than catch-up levels, we’ll have lots more post-tax dollars to work with. We can funnel that in to car funds and after-tax brokerage accounts.


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