Weekly Financial Newsletter – September 29th, 2018

Another week, another newsletter! So much action today, scrubbing floors and caulking up a storm! Let’s crunch some numbers!

Our net worth is up over 80k! We’ve crossed the threshold and coming in hot at $80,416! That’s up $1,296. Woohoo! We should just baaarely reach 100k by the end of the year, and that’s the toughest milestone to meet!

Cash: 10,912
HSA: 1365
Business Checking: 2,351
Checking: 1,947
Savings: 5,248

Our investments crossed the 70k mark as well! The stock market was down a little bit, but our 401k contributions accounted for a +$2,719 increase. Let’s keep on trucking!

Portfolio: 70,901
His 401k: 44,431
Her 401k: 19,385 (close to 20k!)
SEP IRA: 7,084

Credits Cards:
Chase 1: -1,397 (we’ll pay off this balance with my next paycheck)
Chase 2: 0 (paid off yesterday)

And let’s not forget we got all them sign-up bonus points!! I think we should look into flights to ****** and find the best rewards card to use next for those flights, we could easily rack up enough points again on a Southwest card or something to pay for that trip and save our precious Chase points for a bigger trip!

Only large expenses this week were food and booze. We’ll have to see what the end of the month total ends up being, I think it’ll be higher than normal because of a large Costco trip and the “hurricane”, but waiting till the end of the month to figure all that out.

Expenses: $531.71


Alcohol & Bars (OOOF!) 140
Groceries 106
Restaurants 104
Gifts 58
Gas 54
Personal Care 35
Home Goods 18
Netflix 12

Only 2 more days in the month till SPREADSHEET DAY AAAAHHH YEAHHHH.


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