Weekly Financial Newsletter – October 7th, 2018

Here we go! Not much change in actual cash balances, business income for the week was $187.

Cash: 10,939
HSA: 1,359
Business: 2,492
Checking: 586
Savings: 5,248

Stock market was down this week, which is probably a good thing since it’s been on quite a climb recently and too much of a good thing leads to really really bad things eventually when it comes to the market. It’s funny as our portfolio gets so much larger so quickly, a 1% drop in the market means like we’re down $1000! Good thing we’re in it for the long haul, so we can pretty much ignore market fluctuations for the next 5 years 😛

My 401k contribution this paycheck was a whopping 2,109.

Portfolio: 71,959 (+1059 for the week)
His 401k: 46,116
Her 401k: 18,853
SEP IRA: 6,989

Spending outside of rent this week was pretty low, only $258.

Expenses: $1758


Rent 1500
Phone 70
Groceries 66
Home Goods 48
Hobbies 25
Personal Care 23
Pharmacy 17
Restaurants 8
Patreon 2

Credit card currently sits at -$431 and the current statement balance is already paid, but we’ll wipe this back down to 0 next Friday for good measure.

We’ll be old, fat, and rich before you know it 🙂


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