Weekly Financial Newsletter – October 14th, 2018

Another week down, roughly 3640 more to go until we’re 100 years old! But by then I’m sure all our body parts will be replaceable and life expectancy will be 300… I’ll probably look like Yoda by that point… But hey I won’t need to find a Halloween costume then!

Let’s look at some numerical values that can be exchanged for goods and services.

Cash: 10,821
Hsa: 1,225
Business: 2,609 (+135 in income)
Checking: 738
Savings: 5,248

The stock market was all over the place this week due to interest rates changing, down 4.1% which dropped our portfolio by roughly 3k, but 401k contributions which happened to be timed perfectly to buy the dip made up for most of that, so overall balance is only down about 500.

Portfolio: 69,576
His 401k: 44,309
Her 401k: 18,573
Sep ira: 6,693

Expenses were slightly up this week with the Costco trip, Amazon prime, and getting a kick-ass new coffee maker but otherwise right in line. I’ve added a home goods “budget” amount of 150/month because that seems to be our average.

Expenses: $584 ($365 without 1-time/yearly purchases)weekly_expenses_101418.PNG

Groceries 199
Amazon Prime 129
Coffee Maker 90
Restaurants 69
Gas 58
Alcohol & Bars 39

That’s about it! Looking forward to enjoying this long overdo fall weather!


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