Weekly Financial Newsletter – October 21st, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeaar, and I ain’t talking about Christmas! The sweat box we call home has finally turned into a nice keep-warm oven temperature and just in time to test out the wife’s newly tuned bicycle! Let’s get our peddle on!

But before that, let’s check out our rising dough.

Cash: 10,195
HSA: 1225
Checking: 753
Business Checking: 2967
Savings: 5249

Looks like my actual check amounts are going to be 1,244 for the remainder of the year excluding my last of the year which will hit my max 401k contribution limit. Then next year each will be about 2.1k/check, with a 21% 401k contribution.

Business income for the week was $425 with last months sales being 395 of that. The project I did this week generated about 400 as well so I’ll be looking to take a paycheck from the business account soon, probably for about 1k and we’ll plop that into the car fund. Also technically the business still owes us for rent and utilities so I will draw that large sum at the end of the year.

I emailed our accountant and she said we technically have to pay the estimated tax payment at all this year. But when I asked about how the retirement contributions make it seem like we won’t owe anything at all, she responded “Awesome!” so super not helpful… I’m waiting on a PIN from the IRS anyway so can’t pay it until I get that.

Investments have been a wild ride this week and last. The US economy is doing great but China isn’t doing so great. Their market is down ~30% this year and it’s affecting our market as well, along with rising interest rates in the US. But this past week despite the ups and down we remained about even after contributions. Unless the market takes a big turn soon though I don’t think we’ll break 100k before the end of year 😦 but oh well that’s how it goes!

Portfolio: 71,856
His 401k: 46,198
Her 401k: 18,965
SEP IRA: 6,693

Credits cards are at +117 since I made a 1k payment yesterday. Now for spending…

Which was a bit high this week but we also had all utilities to pay, some stuff for the house, bike repair, haircut for me, and spa visit for you.

Expenses: $1,097weekly_expenses_102118.PNG

Botox 230
Electric (last high bill) 224
Insurance 95
Groceries 90
Bike Repair 82
Water 75
Bakers Rack 65
Internet 50
Restaurants 48
Alcohol & Bars 44
Haircut 26
Gas 26
Personal Care 23
Spotify 16

We also need to have a morbid conversation about life insurance at some point soon, but let’s not get into that depressing subject right now.


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