Weekly Financial Newsletter – October 28th, 2018

We came so close to winning $150+ last night in a spelling bee! Well my wife did… I got out in like the 4th grade… she’s the smart one.

Now let’s talk some money.

Cash: 11,378
HSA: 1,073
Checking: 1,833
Business Checking: 3,122 (+167 this week)
Savings: 5,349

The stock market doesn’t know what the hell it wants to do. Well kind of, it mostly wants to go down. This week it had more bad days than good, essentially dropping 10% this month. That pretty much wiped out all gains since the start of the year and it’s back to square one.

It’s actually good for us timing wise because as we’re dumping a lot of money into stocks right now the lower it goes the cheaper we can get them! Then when it inevitably goes up again we’ll be sitting pretty. We’re just riding the waves up and down for now!

Portfolio: 69,167 (-1.7%)
My 401k: 44,394
Your 401k: 18,336
SEP IRA: 6,429

Debt! Typically I like to wipe out the card balances every Friday but because of how our paychecks are aligned now we’re going to go a full week without one when rent is due, then two the following week. So next week we’ll pay rent then the following week zero out the CC.

Chase: -354
WF Visa: -114

Spending! A little high on groceries for the week but we also bought all that coffee which will last forever. Otherwise nice and steady.

Expenses: $488weekly_expenses_102818.PNG

Groceries 162
Healthcare 129
Water 75
Home Goods 41
Gas 32
Restaurants 31
Netflix 12
Halloween 6

That’s all for this week! It’s tough to try and build the car fund with half our income being stuck into the 401ks, but after the new year when we’re not playing catch up we’ll have a lot more post-tax dollars to work with.


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