Monthly Financial Newsletter – October 2018

THE SKY IS FALLING!!!! AHHHHH!!! jk… just the stock market. By the end of the month it finished down -7.23%. That’s apparently the worst October drop since 2011! We don’t have a ton of money in the market, and we’re not near retirement, so luckily we can just ride this wave out.

Net worth! Drum-roll please! $81,608! That’s $1,192 higher than it was last month, so we just barely stayed above water even with the market “correction”. At least we got some stocks at a discount with 401k contributions this month! And you know how I love a good sale. Our post tax income was $4,467 and business income was $949.

Expenses for the month came in slightly higher than last month as we had some household one-time stuff, Amazon prime subscription, bike repairs, and doctor visits. The total came out to $4,591.


Rent 1,500
Internet 50
Cell Phone 70
Water 75
Electricity 224
Groceries & Household 555
Car Insurance 95
Home Insurance 0
Property Tax 0
Gasoline 111
Car 7
House 65
Misc. 0
Healthcare 436
Personal Care 344
Necessary Expenses 3,532
Restaurants 279
Alcohol & Bars 135
Entertainment 36
Shopping 422
Travel 0
Gifts & Donations 187
One-Offs 0
Debt Payoff 0
Discretionary Expenses 1,059
Total Expenses 4,592
After-Tax Salary 4,467
Supplemental Income 950
Income 5,417

A couple of upcoming expenses I foresee will be a wedding ring for the wife, Christmas gifts, and travel expenses for getting up to to see the family. We’re driving so it shouldn’t be terribly expensive, other than a few trips to our favorite winery to re-stock! 😉 Road trip!

That’s it for this month! Let’s hope the stock market’s end of month rally continues on through November and the worst of it is behind us. I’ll leave you with this:

“The drop this month came out of nowhere. Usually that’s a sign of a correction and not a bear market,”…”Usually a bear market rolls more slowly.”

-Personal Capital’s Craig Birk to CNBC

Just another reminder even people that do this type of stuff for a living can’t always predict the market. Slow and steady my friends…


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