Weekly Financial Newsletter – November 4th, 2018

Let’s crunch some numbers!

Cash: 9,979
HSA: 1,067
Business Checking: 3,242 (+293 this week)
Checking: 319
Savings: 5,349

Technically the checking account is at 1,563 but my check won’t clear until Monday and I have to wipe out the credit card balances so we’ll leave it where it is.

The stock market had a strong start to November with a string of positive days to recover some of the recent losses but puttered out at the end of the week. The S&P 500 ended +2.47% for the week which pushed our portfolio back to an all time high since our 401k contributions lined up with buying the dip!

Portfolio: 71,339 (+2,172 or +3.1%)
His 401k: 45,475
Her 401k: 19,257
SEP IRA: 6,605

Debt! Credit card balances are at $-935 which I will schedule a payment to zero out on Monday with my paycheck.

Expenses for the week came out to $2,167. High on the restaurant and booze side because of my wife’s birthday dinner and we had a few brewery trips in there. Otherwise okay. Nice and low on the grocery front!weekly_expenses_110418.PNG

Rent 1500
Restaurants 144
Alcohol & Bars 129
Personal Care 92
Groceries 76
Car Taxes 75
Cell Phone 70
Home Goods 35
Gas & Parking 26
Entertainment 20

The accountant is supposed to be making the estimated tax payment soon since she has all the necessary information. I’m debating whether or not we need her after this tax season. She’s taught me all the tips and tricks of running a small business and I think I can handle it from here on out and save us the 300 or so dollars she charges for filing. But we’ll use her for filing this year’s taxes.

That’s all for this week folks! Nearing the end of the year which will be our first full (almost!) year of having our finances combined. Looking forward to looking back and see all the amazing stuff that happened!


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