Weekly Financial Newsletter – November 11th, 2018

It was a double paycheck week for us so cash in hand is higher and we don’t have major expenses for the rest of the month. We should have close to 1500 left over at the end of the month to put into savings.

The accountant paid the estimated tax payment of 2,213 from the business account so that will be drawn next week. With that payment and if my calculations are correct, we’re looking at a refund of close to $3,500. Which is why I didn’t think we needed to send it off at all, but maybe she knows something I don’t. We’ll just wait till tax time to find out.

Cash: 10,977
HSA: 1,092
Business Checking: 3,212
Checking: 1,322
Savings: 5,349

The stock market had a few good days in a row after the bad month of October. The senate and house being split between parties after the mid-terms has historically been good for markets since “nothing gets done” as far as major legislation.

Portfolio: 75,090 (+3,716 or +5% on the week)
His 401k: 49,330
Her 401k: 20,030 (passed the 20k mark!)
SEP IRA: 6,730

Debt! $+92! I paid off the balance on the normal spending card and we got the refund from my failed birthday gift sitting on a card, so we’re in the green.

Expenses! Low bills this week, mostly groceries with the Costco trip.
Expenses: 403weekly_expenses_11102018.PNG

Groceries 232
Alcohol & Bars 63
Clothing 57
Personal Care 24
Restaurants 15
Hobbies 12

My 401k contribution percentage for the rest of the year is now 40% instead of 50% so I’ll come in perfectly at the limit with my final paycheck. We’ll leave hers as is since we’re trying to build up cash reserves and we’re good on the taxes front.

Another week of massive NW growth! It’s nice when the market cooperates…


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