Weekly Financial Newsletter – November 18th, 2018

Welcome to the most exciting post I make this week! Okay… I only make one per week so it wins by default. But it’s still exciting!

I’ve got an itch, an itch for more numbers! And the only way to solve that itch is to analyze our spending!

Cash: 8,571
HSA: 1,092
Business Checking: 1,307 (+339 in last months sales, -2,213 in tax payment)
Checking: 821
Savings: 5,350

So cash is down because of the tax payment, which we’ll see where we end up on that front this year. I have another $450 payment coming next week from freelance work then I’ll draw a 1k salary from the account and plop it into savings.

The stock market (~ -1% this week) is still in a bit of a volatile state, up and down on bad earnings by Apple this week, and possible signs that the economy growth is slowing down. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw lower returns next year or even a downturn for a few months. But trying to guess what’s going to happen is near impossible and we don’t time the market in this family! We buy and hold and ride out the storms!

Portfolio: 73,925 (-1,165 or -1.5%)
His 401k: 47,583
Her 401k: 19,711
SEP IRA: 6,630

Debt is sitting at +105 with both cards slightly positive after a $500 payment yesterday.

Spending this week was technically 2,779 with the taxes payment but we’ll exclude that from our normal report. So without that it was $570. Grocery bill was a bit high again with Thanksgiving prep but otherwise okay.

I’ve been stashing receipts behind my monitor for a day when I feel frisky and want to do a detailed breakdown of our grocery bills because I’m a weirdo and curious and also thought it’d be neat for an end of the year report… Like a weirdo would do.

Yay for a cheaper electric bill finally!


Groceries 136
Electric 132
Restaurants 74
Alcohol & Bars 73
Internet 50
Gas 50
Gift 23
Spotify 16
Home Goods 16

That’s all of the boring information I have for this week! Can’t wait for turkey day and a short work week coming up.


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