Weekly Financial Newsletter – November 25th, 2018

The holidays are here and that means extra food and travel and presents and trying to stay motivated for the month of December at work… Serious case of Decemberitis and it’s still November! Whenever this early retirement thing happens I’m definitely making every week a 4 day weekend, it’s the best!

Let’s check out where we stand.

Cash: 10,921
HSA: 1,117
Business Checking: 733
Checking: 3,619
Savings: 5,450

Business Checking saw some action this week since I brought in 433 from freelance, took a 800 paycheck from the business, and 25% of payroll or 200 went to the SEP IRA as an employee benefit. There’s still some reimbursement payments I have to make from the business to us for phones, internet, and utilities before the end of the year as well.

The stock market… Ooof… For the first time in our “adult” lives its negative on the year. It had quite the run since 2009 and looks like the party might be over for a little bit. BUT one of the best things that can happen in a young investors life (hey that’s us!) is for the market to drop as we’re dumping in money so we can gobble up all those money producing stocks at a discount! So I ain’t worried and neither should you!

Portfolio: 72,697 (-1.6% or -1228)
His 401k: 47,286
Her 401k: 18,817
SEP IRA: 6,593

Debt! Credit cards are technically at -105 but that includes the reimbursable uniforms for my wife’s work so we’re still positive. I made a $500 payment yesterday.

Expenses for the week were okay. Rental car for Christmas since we don’t trust our old cars for the journey, a little wardrobe building, and vitamin restocking were the outliers. Being homebodies though sure is cheap! I’m going to also include income here to get a better look at cash flow. Which with a double paycheck week and taking payroll was a lot!

Income: 3,387
Expenses: 800


Rental Car 197
Clothing 128
Insurance 95
Water 69
Personal Care 69
Groceries 61
Alcohol & Bars 56
Internet 49
Restaurants 37
Spotify 16
Home Supplies 12
Auto Registration 11

We’ve got my wife’s wedding band coming up and some Christmas presents but other than that no big expenses on the horizon for the rest of the year.

It’s stupid how excited I am to do the end of the year report. Like a schoolgirl who just found out the beebs accepted her tweet to come to prom with her (is he still relevant?). So. Many. Charts.


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