Monthly Financial Newsletter – November 2018

What a delicious month! I love me some Thanksgiving! Especially when the cooks are as good as my wife! I sure married into the right family!

Let’s see how the old net worth is holding up, hopefully it’s as inflated as my tummy! Drumrolls on stomach $87,523! That’s a healthy looking number. Even with a very volatile month of stock market up and downs, causing our portfolio graph to look like a gravy bucket, we managed to increase our NW by a whopping $5,914.15 or 7.25%! Killin’ it! We’ll be coming in shy of 100k if December ends up like this month but that’s way ahead of where I though we’d be starting this year off. I thought we might hit 100k by the end of 2019 not 2018!

Our total income this month was $6,237, $1,088 of which was from sales and freelance. Expenses for the month were just shy of the “target” of 4k a month which is great, coming in at at $3,921. That’s excluding the tax payment for this years earlier payroll in the tune of $2,215.

Here’s the breakdown:

Rent 1500
Internet 50
Cell Phone 70
Water 69
Electricity 132
Groceries & Household 634
Car Insurance 95
Home Insurance 0
Taxes 2238
Gasoline 98
Car 6
House 13
Misc. 0
Healthcare 290
Personal Care 120
Necessary Expenses 5315
Restaurants 124
Alcohol & Bars 250
Entertainment 30
Shopping 140
Travel 197
Gifts & Donations -11.07
One-Offs 0
Debt Payoff 0
Discretionary Expenses $731.55
Total Expenses $6,046.17
After-Tax Salary 5,015.29
Supplemental Income 1,222.00
Income $6,237.29
After Tax Savings $1,206.75

December I suspect will be a bit more expensive month as we’ll be traveling and getting presents for all the little nieces and nephews. But what good is having money if you don’t spend it on the ones we love! They’re so spoiled… AS THEY SHOULD BE.

We’re on the home stretch for 2018 and have far exceeded what I thought was possible in just the first year of doing all this money monkey business and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us! (SPOILER ALERT! MORE TURKEY!)


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