Weekly Financial Newsletter – December 2nd, 2018

Oh what a day! Last month of the year and a double whammy newsletter day, I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN THE EXCITEMENT!

Let’s see how we done did spend our money this week. Not a lot of action on the cash front. Just paid rent and 550 to the credit card to zero it out.

Cash: 8,906
HSA: 1,117
Business Checking: 773 (+40 income)
Checking: 1,566
Savings: 5,450

The stock market actually did something good this week! The Federal Reserve on Wednesday said that interest rates are just below the neutral level where they neither help nor hurt the economy which sent the market into its best single day gain in 8 months. With the G20 summit and a possible trade agreement between the US and China a possibility, the S&p 500 was up 4% this week.

Portfolio: 76,623 (+3,926 or 5.4%)
His 401k: 49,193
Her 401k: 20,526 (back above 20k!)
SEP IRA: 6,903

Debt! $0! I paid off the current balance of 550ish yesterday so only the reimbursement/return of the wife’s work clothes are still sitting on there.

I’ve also done a cash flow analysis of upcoming expenses and we should round out the year, including my wife’s ring, with a couple grand to put into savings.

Income: 40
Expenses: 1,787

Rent 1500
Groceries 110
Gas 50
Home Goods 32
Alcohol & Bars 31
Restaurants 28
Personal Care 22
Netflix 12
Auto Service 2

Hopefully our new Capital One Venture card will get here today and we can go get my wife a wedding band! (Trying to hit the sign-up bonus of 5k spend)

Two more paychecks of high 401k contributions for me and then we’ll have all the post tax dollars we need to get rid of our old clunkers and start rolling around in new rides!


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