Weekly Financial Newsletter – December 9th, 2018

Another double paycheck week which means we’re rolling in the cash. Not a lot of action other than this is the first week with a new account on the list, my HSA!

Cash: 11,174
His HSA: 290
Her HSA: 1,137
Business Checking: 703
Checking: 3,594
Savings: 5,450

Oooooeeee what a week in the stock market. H. W. Bush tried to do his best from the great beyond to stop the bleeding by pausing the action on Wednesday, but the stock market still had it’s worst week since March.

Right after what looked like a good weekend for trade agreements between the US and China, the facts didn’t seem to match what self proclaimed “Tariff Man” Trump claimed. Surprise surprise. Then to add fuel to the fire the Canadians arrested the CFO of top tech company Huawei for extradition to the US. Let’s just say China is pissed.

All that drama amounted to about a -4% drop gasp. At least we’re getting a lesson in risk tolerance.

Portfolio: 73,531 (-3,092 or -4%)
His 401k: 47,339
her 401k: 19,605
SEP IRA: 6,586

Debt! $-293. Well technically 0 but there a balance sitting on both cards while we wait for refunds/returns to go through. I made a payment of 325 to Chase and 323 to Capital One yesterday.

Spending fell right in line with the averages. The old gifts category is starting to creep in for the upcoming holiday season but other than that nothing too exciting to see here.

Income: 2,917
Expenses: 399


Groceries 190
Gifts 55
Restaurants 54
Home Goods 48
Gas 28
Personal Care 22
Patreon 2


There’s a saying in the FI community that once you get your spending in order and set up everything to be automated (which we don’t automate much transferring as I like being hands on), that we are now in the “boring middle”. Where we are just making money, saving money, and waiting for that money to start paying us for all our hard work.

The issue I have with that is that life with the wife is faaar from boring! Sure we might just be slowly stock piling a mountain of cash to one day be able to not waste away at a job, but who says that has to be boring!?!


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