Weekly Financial Newsletter – December 16th, 2018

One more week of work then it’s off into the great unknown of the Northwest. Where the polar bears rule the world and humans are just mere mortals. Or wait… That’s the plot of The Golden Compass. I loved those books!

Let’s get down to business, no more dilly dallying. Cash cash money is the name of the game and we’re going to be sitting on a pile of it by the end of the month. We’ve got a rather large balance as is in our checking, 550 from online sales which I’ll take a $400 payroll from, and two more paychecks coming up this week. $378 was sent off to the IRS this week for the $800 payroll I took 2 weeks ago.

I’m okay with sitting on the cash for now as markets are swinging all over. I think once we get 10k in the savings account, we’ll put anything above that into a money market account which will earn 2.75% – 3% while we build up enough to go buy the first replacement car.

Cash: 10,146
His HSA: 290
Her HSA: 1,126
Business Checking: 825
Checking: 2,743
Savings: 5,451

Boy oh boy what a wild ride the stock market is right now. Trade concerns, slowing growth worldwide, and rising interest rates has everything seeing red. Everything was down this week again at -1.26%. We’ll just keep dumping in 401k money at these lower prices and wait for the inevitable turn around then ride that baby off into the sunset.

Portfolio: 74,750 (+1,219 or +1.6%) up because of contributions
HIs 401k: 48,236
Her 401k: 20,018
SEP IRA: 6,494

Credit cards are currently at -227 (Chase waiting on returns to process so technically 0), and Capital One is at -754. I made a payment of $800 to this card yesterday but with Christmas gifts and the ring deposit on there it shot back up again! So next week I’ll probably send off 1k just so we keep a lower balance on the card (it looks prettier).

Spending was actually quite low this week if you ignore all the nice gifts we bought for the family and FINALLY getting my wife a severely delayed wedding ring. Just a few more presents to get and we’ll be set! Other than that some groceries and the water bill which was quite high last month. We’ll see what comes of the dishwasher December experiment (using only the dishwasher instead of hand-washing). I like using the dishwasher more anyhow, even if it doesn’t drop the bill by much.

Income: 595 (from sales and some freelance)
Expenses: 1,347


Gifts 410
Payroll Taxes 378
Wedding Ring (1/2 deposit) 350
Groceries 90
Water Bill 87
Gas 20
Alcohol & Bars 12

One more paycheck a piece and that’ll round out 2018! I’ll have successfully maxed my 401k and my wife be coming in hot at about 10.5k in contributions plus 2k in matching. Next year we’re aiming for the stars and be maxing them both out! Woo-hoo!

Looking forward to taking some time off work and spending time with the wife and my family.


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