Weekly Financial Newsletter – December 23rd, 2018

Finances, finances, finances… Does it ever end!? Jk typing these bad boys up is a highlight of my week!

Cash money grew a bit this week with our final paychecks of the year! Looks like we won’t have any more income for the rest of the year! gasp

Cash: 11,370
His HSA: 290
Her HSA: 1,151
Business Checking: 818
Checking: 2,949
Savings: 6,451

The stock market took a beating this week when the apparent sell off continued. With the fed raising rates again, slowing growth, and Trump officially shutting down the government last night, markets are spooked.

The longest bull market in history couldn’t last forever so this is just a healthy return to normal, and there’s nothing obviously wrong like there was in the financial crisis. Corporate debt has grown nearly 60% in the past 10 years and all that money was used by companies to buy back their shares, which inflated the markets and some people believe that’s why we’re seeing such a drastic drop, down nearly 20% since October.

Any-who that’s enough speculation for now. What does it mean for us? 20% off stocks sale!

Portfolio: 69,377 (-5373 or -7.1%)
His 401k: 44,839
Her 401k: 18,510
SEP IRA: 6,027

Debt! I made a 1,300 payment to the Capital One card yesterday to pay off the gifts and my wife’s ring. The remaining balance is now at 375 because some stuff hasn’t cleared yet and it wouldn’t let me overpay by more than 10%. I paid 110 to the Chase card for insurance and Netflix, which is now sitting at 0.

Spending was quite high with the gifts and the ring, but we already knew all that was coming so we were well prepared!

Income: 2,597
Spending: 1,285


Ring 413
Gifts 232
Electric 132
Insurance 95
Restaurants 74
Gas 63
Alcohol & Bars 61
Groceries 60
Personal Care 56
Internet 50
Clothing 18
Spotify 16
Home Goods 15

That’s all for this week, time to enjoy Christmas vacation!


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