Weekly Financial Newsletter – December 30th, 2018

It sure feels good to be home! This time last week we were about to encounter I-95 traffic and hating every second of it. Learn how to drive people!

This will be the last weekly update of the year and oh what a year it has been. This edition is the 22nd of it’s kind and I think they’ve been quite successful! Onto the next 52 for 2019!

Lots of stuff to look over this week after our trip. Cash didn’t see much action other than a credit card payment and drawing my $400 paycheck from the business account directly into savings.

Cash: 10,945
His HSA: 290
Her HSA: 1,151
Business Checking: 418
Checking: 2,034
Savings: 7,051

The stock market recovered slightly on a short trading week with a single best day in years and a small up and down Thursday and Friday. The general consensus around the world is that nobody knows what the hell is going on with this volatile monster.

Portfolio: 73,735 (+4,358 or +6.2%)
His 401k: 47,712
Her 401k: 19,815
SEP IRA: 6,207

Debt is not actually debt at the moment with all 3 credit cards having a slight positive balance after all the refunds finally processed and I paid 800 to the Capital One card yesterday. So we’re technically at +$74!

Spending this week was all over the place with all the travel but let’s try and make sense of it. Our total travel costs to go up north came out to $545, which includes the rental, hotels (not accounting for points redemption), gas, and fast food stops.

Income: 150
Spending: 693


Groceries 207
Hotel 187
Gas 120
Restaurants 76
Fast Food 41
Alcohol & Bars 32
Gifts 18
Netflix 12


That wraps up the weekly editions of 2018 newsletters! Thanks for enduring them and coming along for the ride!


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