Weekly Financial Newsletter – January 6th, 2019

Happy newww year! It’s the first Saturday of 2019 and the first weekly newsletter! Oh happy day!

Cash monies saw some action this week with rent, double paychecks, and some Q4 taxes for the business. The silly accountant is still sending off tax payments from the savings account instead of the business one so I have to annoy her about that again.

The freelance project pool has apparently dried up for the holidays. Hopefully things will start picking up again and I can land some gigs.

I also transferred 1000 from checking to savings after getting our paychecks to get this car savings train to the station!

Cash: 11,082
His HSA: 435
Her HSA: 1,170
Business Checking: 244
Checking: 1,805
Savings: 7,862

Markets are still all over the place, this week after Apple said they’d ONLY be making 80 billion instead of 95 billion because of China everyone freaked and it looked like we were heading for the earth’s core. But then came the Federal Reserve yesterday to save the day saying they’d be “flexible” with interest rate hikes and also the jobs report smashed expectations so it rallied back up again. When the dust settled the market was up about 1.12% for the week.

Portfolio: 75,097 (+1,362 or 1.8%)
His 401k: 48,555
Her 401k: 20,206
SEP IRA: 6,334

Debt is at -$157 split between the 3 cards. I made a payment of 507 yesterday to Capital One to cover our basic expenses.

Speaking of expenses, this week fell right in line with expectations other than some more pesky taxes! (It’s from the 400 payroll I took from the business).

Income: 2,793
Expenses: 2,012


Rent 1500
Taxes 188
Groceries 110
Phone 70
Restaurants 40
Alcohol & Bars 36
Personal Care 22
Hobbies 21
Gifts 13
Healthcare 10
Entertainment 2


Once I get all the tax documents from the various sources we’ll send them over to the accountant and see where we stand. If we owe anything we have a lot of wiggle room with 2018 HSA or IRA contributions we can make to offset any kind of tax bill, but I don’t think we’ll have one.

We also need to get the wife in for a lasik consultation because it would be better to make the bulk of contributions for that classified as 2018 so we still have all the room for 2019 if needed.

And so concludes the first week of the year! So excited for all the fun stuff we’ll inevitably get to experience in 2019.


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