Weekly Financial Newsletter – January 13th, 2019

Brrrr it’s a bit nippy out there today. Time to bundle up and drink hot chocolate in our Eskimo hats! Something tells me we’ll actually be doing exactly 0 of those things today…

Moving on to the real reason you came here today, boredom! Our cash accounts saw a little bit of action this week. Got those reimbursement checks deposited, made 207 in side income, and sent off some money to start funding my 2019 IRA (we need to set my wife one up too).

I moved 1000 into savings and reimbursed the tax payment that came out of the savings account instead of the business. I think we’ll be able to put another 1000 or maybe even 1500 into the savings account at the end of the month so we’re well on our way to new vehicle nirvana!

Cash: 10,965
His HSA: 435
Her HSA: 1,170
Business Checking: 77
Checking: 1,484
Savings: 8,232

The stock market had a rip roaring good week and closed 5 days up in a row from last Friday through Thursday, the first time since September. There was a slight glimmer of hope from the China trade negotiations and then the Fed meeting helped as well by showing they’re willing to be patient with interest rates. We’ll see if 2019 shapes up to be better than last year. The Trumpdown continues though!

Portfolio: 79,257 (+4,160 or 5.5%)
His 401k: 50,632
Her 401k: 21,748
SEP IRA: 6,876

Expenses this week were pretty low other than us going out last weekend and last night. It’s rare that we go out Friday nights so it’s only higher than normal because they both fell into the same weekly roundup. Not included is the 250 I sent to the IRA since that’s more savings than an expense.

Income: 407 (205 from business)
Expenses: 417

pasted image 0

Restaurants 83
Alcohol & Bars 80
Home Goods 60
Personal Care 47
Gift 38
Hobbies 31
DMV 31
Groceries 28
Gas 16
Parking 3

In other news we’ve finally crossed the extremely elusive 90k net worth mark! We’ve been flirting with it since October and then the markets dumped. But we’ve finally broken through! Next stop 100k!


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