Weekly Financial Newsletter – January 20th, 2018

Welcome to the best post you’ll probably read all week! Saturdays, or as I like to call them, week butts, are surely the best thing since sliced bread. But who are we kidding, the first guy to make a loaf of bread probably wasn’t disappointed in his creation. Then some psycho with a machete had to come along and take all the credit! History never remembers the true heroes…

Annnnyyyyway…. Money.

Cash saw some inflows and not a lot of outflows this week. We’re forging ahead quite nicely with our savings! Both of us got paid and also got 602 paid out from December sales. Some of that went to taxes and the rest to restock the low cash amount in the business account. I also transferred 750 to our savings account yesterday, and can probably do another 500 at the end of the month. (just keeping a ~1k buffer)

Cash: 14,055 (+3,090)
His HSA: 580
her HSA: 1,195
Business Checking: 357
Checking: 2,656
Savings: 9,267

The government might be shutdown still but the stock market DGAF! It closed up for the 4th week straight and has had the best yearly start since 1987. Mostly because the end of last year was garbage so it’s slowly licking it wounds. The trend is looking up but all the issues that caused the sell-off are still there, so whether or not it continues upwards is anyone’s guess. It’s still about 8% below last year’s all time highs.

Portfolio: 81,831 (+2,574 or +3.2%)
His 401k: 52,093
Her 401k: 22,414
SEP IRA: 7,323

Debt is at a whopping $128! Paid 600 yesterday to zero out posted charges on the CC, we’re probably about to cross the spending threshold for our 75k points bonus and then we can switch back to using the Chase card.

Spending this week was pretty normal, though seemed a bit higher because of utilities, insurance, and a Costco trip were all in there. We went out Wednesday night which we usually don’t do but doesn’t look like we’ll be going out any night this weekend so it evens out. Our spending so far this month is well on track to be below or about 4k which is the unofficial target.

Income: 3,384 (602 from business)
Expenses: 703


Groceries 209
Electric 132
Insurance 95
Alcohol & Bars 82
Loan 50
Internet 50
DMV 26
Gas 19
Spotify 16
Restaurants 16
Personal Care 9


Nothing much else to go over right now! Happy weekend!!


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