Monthly Financial Newsletter – January 2019

New year, same old me. Why would I be new me if old me is perfectly okay? Now that your paying attention, here’s a colorized version of our net worth growth this past month.

After a tumultuous December in which everyone in the stock market got coal for Christmas, the big gains showed up in January for the best start to a year since 1987. It might be also be worth noting that Black Monday, aka the worst single day in market history, was that same year… so let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Speaking of Black Monday, there’s a new show on showtime by the same name I wanna start watching.

Enough about that, how did we do this past month you ask?!?! Well, I talked to our bank and the conversation went like this…

Our current net worth is now sitting just shy of 100k, at $97,639. That’s a monthly growth of +$13,313 or +15.79%! Someone call the fire department because this shit is 🔥🔥🔥

Our total income for the month was $6,584, with $1,008 of that being business income. Expenses were right where they should be at $3,915, below the 4k target. After the more expensive holiday season it was nice seeing we were able to bring it back down to normal levels.

Here’s where it all went:

Rent 1500.00
Internet 49.95
Cell Phone 70.00
Water 76.47
Electricity 132.00
Groceries 583.78
Household Items 60.47
Car Insurance 95.50
Home Insurance 0.00
Taxes 188.80
Gasoline 50.96
Car 75.94
House 50.00
Misc. 0.00
Healthcare 17.38
Personal Care 157.74
Necessary Expenses $3,108.99
Restaurants 218.33
Alcohol & Bars 283.02
Entertainment 30.32
Shopping Misc 0.00
Hobbies 75.73
Clothing 97.25
Home Purchases 0.00
Travel 0.00
Gifts & Donations 101.37
One-Offs 0.00
Debt Payoff 0.00
Discretionary Expenses $806.02
Total Expenses $3915.01
After-Tax Salary $5575.66
Supplemental Income $1008.47
Income $6584.13
After Tax Savings $1849.45

2019 should be a big year for us with some big purchases but also some big savings! We’re currently 9.24% of the way to the ultimate goal and $66,384 richer than this same time last year. Let’s keep this party train rolling!


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