Weekly Financial Newsletter – February 2nd, 2019

Its super bowl weekend and I’ve said my prayers that Tom Brady would throw for negative yards. How is every year since the beginning of time, we’re rooting against this man. At least the Eagles put him in his place last season.

But hey you didn’t come here for football, what I have in store is much much more exciting… (this is the part where you pretend to be excited)

Cash in and cash out. First of the month means we get to pay for our primary residence! The wife got paid, and I sent off rent and zero’d out the card. We finally hit our spending bonus so we can move back to the Chase card. I’ll look into how to get your name updated.

Cash: 12,325 (-956)
Her HSA: 1,217
His HSA: 580
Business Checking: 552
Checking: 607
Savings: 9,367

The stock market had another rip roaring week. The biggest day being when the Fed said they’re taking a chill pill on raising interest rates, which the stock market loves but many people believe that it’s a weak move. The point of rising interest rates is to protect against inflation, but inflation was pretty low last year, so not sure why people are pissed. Everyone just wants somebody to blame for their miserable lives I suppose.

US company earnings were also strong so looks like the fear in late 2018 that the economy was heading down the toilet was exactly that, just fear.

Portfolio: 84,722 (+1,269 or +1.5%)
His 401k: 53,659
Her 401k: 23,626
SEP IRA: 7,436

Debt is sitting at a whopping -$53, not sure how we’re ever going to be able to pay that off… But only thing is we should switch back to using the Chase card again.

Spending was right in line with typical levels. Rent of course being the big one.

Income: 1009 (205 from business)
Expenses: 1981 (481 without rent)

Rent 1500
Groceries 100
Alcohol & Bars 96
Phone 70
Personal Care 63
Gifts 63
Restaurants 61
Gas 16
Entertainment 13


That’s about it! I used up all my good jokes in yesterday’s monthly wrap up…

So I named my horse Mayo…. Mayo neighs.

I’ll show myself out.


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