Monthly Financial Newsletter – February 2019

Sorry I’ve been so slow about posting recently… mostly out of laziness. Find the motivation to keep this going is tough, but I’m determined to keep doing it so down the road on the day I quit my job for good, I’ll be able to look back at the journey and smile 🙂

It’s the shortest month of the year but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t make that cheddar!

Another great month in the market and some very diligent saving for a car helped skyrocket the net worth past the 100k mark without blinking an eye which is HUGE milestone! As a comparison, when we combined finances last year our combined net worth was $34,428, it now sits at $106,652! That’s a yearly increase of $72,224 since this time last year and $22,242 YTD.

In February, our cash baby grew by $9,013 which is a growth of +9.23%!. Of that 9k, savings contributions accounted for $5,935. The other $2,973 came from gains in the stock market. We we’re able to put away $2,109 for new cars and put $4,424 into tax sheltered accounts.

Total net income for the month was $6,135, $600 of which was from supplemental income. Expenses for the month were right on target at $4,026 which is awesome! Here’s the breakdown of our spending:

Rent 1,500
Internet 50
Cell Phone 70
Water 75
Electricity 132
Groceries 568
Household Items 29
Car Insurance 91
Home Insurance 0
Taxes 2
Gasoline 79
Car 4
House 119
Misc. 0
Healthcare 96
Personal Care 335
Necessary Expenses 3,151
Restaurants 208
Alcohol & Bars 301
Entertainment 30
Shopping Misc 0
Hobbies 17
Clothing 0
Home Purchases 142
Travel 0
Gifts & Donations 177
One-Offs 0
Debt Payoff 0
Discretionary Expenses 875
Total Expenses 4,027
After-Tax Salary 5,536
Supplemental Net Income 600
HSA Contributions 340
401k Contributions 3,434
TIRA Contributions 650
Roth Contributions 0
After Tax Income 6,136
After Tax Savings 2,109
Pre Tax Savings 4,424
Total Savings 6,533
Savings Rate 59.37%

We’re plowing ahead a breakneck speeds towards a life where we can work on what we want where we want and not have to worry about making a dime doing it! We’re over 10% of the way there already and we just started this crazy business! Go us!


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