Weekly Financial Newsletter – March 10th, 2019

Hope you’ve got your shamrocks and pot o’ gold (and not the kind you hide in your nose) ready because it’s unofficially officially St. Patty’s day parade day! Show me your worst drunkards 🍀

Cash got h*ckin good action this week. I got paid, transferred 1k to car savings, paid 500 to the CC and then 250 to the SEP IRA. Checking account balance is running low for this week but we don’t have anything coming out of it anyway.

Car Fund: 7,456 (+1000)

Cash: 12,595 (-399)
Her HSA: 1,223
His HSA: 1,015
Business Checking: 95
Checking: 261
Savings: 10,000

Stocks got pummeled this week after being on a several week positive streak. China and global growth has slowed even more and China specifically is having a very rough time in both their stock market and with everyone being in massive debt. I swear I called this shit back in last September… I have to go back and read it.

A few other countries are also flirting with the idea of having a nice fun recession! How that will impact us here in the US is unknown since our economy seems to be doing okay, but many believe it’s because our federal reserve is being little bitches because they won’t raise interest rates in an attempt to keep the stock market up. Who knows…

Portfolio: 94,995 (+1,086 or +1.1%)
His 401k: 56,975
Her 401k: 27,111
SEP IRA: 8,453
Money Market: 2,456

Debt is at -225 but that’s all of my charges from the trip, which I’m getting reimbursed 453 so I made out like a bandit with all that mileage!

Expenses were nice and low other than a little extra for Costco and me shattering yet another lamp. 😞

Income: 1,963
Expenses: 416

Groceries 193
Furnishings 57
Home Improvement 41
Restaurants 39
Gas 24
Home Supplies 18
Car Service 17
Alcohol & Bars 14
Personal Care 13


The only other things coming up soon are tax refunds! We should see that state refund come through in the next 2 weeks, and same with the corporate refund so that’s almost 4k in cold hard cash. Then another 4k whenever the federal business gets sorted out.


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