Weekly Financial Newsletter – March 17th, 2019

Cash had another whirlwind of a week! I had my trip expenses reimbursed, the wife got paid, we got our state tax refund, got paid for Q4 assets, and also last months store sales! So I shuffled around all the cash and put a bunch of it into our car fund! Here’s where the balances ended up.

Car Fund: 9,583 (+2,127)

Cash: 13,479 (+894)
Her HSA: 1,232
His HSA: 1,015
Business Checking: 782
Checking: 500
Savings: 10,000

Stocks had a pretty dope week. Not a lot of news effecting it other than a brexit plan again failing to pass but them then voting to delay it. They’ll probably end up just have another referendum vote, everyone saying screw it, and then all of the UK and EU pretending like the last 2 years never happened. All in all the market finished up 3%.

Portfolio: 99,929 (+4,934 or +5.1%)
His 401k: 58,647
Her 401k: 28,006
SEP IRA: 8,692
Money Market: 4,583

Debt…. $0. Nothing to see here! Paid 450 to the Chase card.

We had waaay to much income this week! And I still have to get paid next week and the wife still has one more paycheck this month. Spending was also real real low which is great!

Income: 3,137

  • 1,724 tax refund
  • 734 paycheck
  • 453 expense reimbursement
  • 656 business income

Expenses: 282


Groceries 87
Restaurants 74
Alcohol & Bars 43
Gas 28
Car Coolant 19
Home Supplies 18
Lawn & Garden 13

Still no federal refund news. Never did remember to call them this week so will on Monday.


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