Weekly Financial Newsletter – March 31st, 2019

One car down and one to go! I’m glad the wife got what she ultimately wanted and that we got it at a good price! It sure is a beauty.

So cash recap. We spent 10k on the down-payment, the wife got paid this week, I took a 1500 payroll from the company, and transferred all the money market account back into savings. Then I paid 2550 to the Chase card to zero that out and another 440 for our first car payment, WAY ahead of schedule.

Car #2 Fund: 951

Cash: 11,387 (-5,822)
Her HSA: 1,240
His HSA: 1,160
Business Checking: 1,032
Checking: 2,001
Savings: 5,951

Mr. Market had a another up and down week. All the doom and gloom news of the yield curve from last week fell to the wayside as the bond market and dollar got its shit back together. Can anyone say overreacting? Brexit took center stage as everyone is sick of watching the boat slowly sink and just wants it over with. Finally there’s more news of finalizing a deal and ending the trade war as long as Trump keeps his mouth shut for once! With some big ups and big downs it ended up +1.33% for the week.

Portfolio: 98,316
    (-2,914 or -2.8% w/ car withdrawal)
    (+1,671 or +1.7% actual gains)
His 401k: 59,743
Her 401k: 29,220
SEP IRA: 9,350

Debt once again has it’s time in the spotlight! The credit cards have zero balances all around but the newcomer to the block is the small car loan! Currently at -5,026. Don’t worry this sucker will be gone in no time!

As you can imagine, our spending for the week looks a little out of wack with 10,273 going towards a car! So we’re going to ignore that for the sake of this section. Otherwise it was normal with a little extra on gardening.

Income: 2,380
    Paycheck: 880
    Business Payroll: 1,500
Expenses: 631

imageLikeEmbed (1)

Electric 132
Gardening 87
Gas 76
Insurance 76
Water 72
Restaurants 56
Groceries 48
Alcohol & Bars 35
Personal Care 30
Netflix 12
Car Wash 7

Nothing else too major coming up other than saying goodbye to the baby blue car today! It was a great car… We’ll continue to do a 50/50 split saving for car #2 and paying down that loan, which should be gone in a flash!


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