Monthly Financial Newsletter – March 2019



We did it! We bought a car! A bit earlier than anticipated originally but that’s okay! The even crazier thing is because of high savings rate how little it effected our overall net worth growth since last month! The market didn’t do much to help us this month, only up +0.73% so we finished off this month officially in the red!

Our NW currently sits at $103,971 which is down (-$2,680 or -2.51%). Not too bad for acquiring a new vehicle! This time last year our NW was at $42,278 which leaves us with a yearly increase of $61,693 and a YTD increase of $19,646 (+22.5%)!

Total net income was a whopping $9,561 with tax refunds so that helped skyrocket our car fund. Our overall savings decreased by -$1,031 but we were able to contribute $5,566 to pre-tax accounts and keep the governments grabby hands off our money!

Ignoring the car, expenses for the month came zipping under that target of 4k at $3,838. Restaurants were up, bars were down, everything else was about the same and as long as we come in at around 4k it doesn’t really matter what we spend it on.

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Rent 1,500.00
Internet 49.95
Cell Phone 70.00
Water 71.92
Electricity 132.00
Groceries 561.34
Household Items 19.00
Car Insurance 167.52
Home Insurance 0.00
Taxes 0.00
Gasoline 129.36
Car 10,158.31
House 158.92
Misc. 0.00
Healthcare 32.91
Personal Care 183.27
Necessary Expenses $13,234.50
Restaurants 314.70
Alcohol & Bars 166.97
Entertainment 124.74
Shopping Misc 0.00
Hobbies 0.00
Clothing 15.00
Home Purchases 75.76
Travel 0.00
Gifts & Donations 65.09
One-Offs 0.00
Debt Payoff 440.00
Discretionary Expenses $1,202.26
Total Expenses $14,436.76
After-Tax Salary 6,339.21
Supplemental Net Income 3,224.00
HSA Contributions 365.00
401k Contributions 4,326.32
TIRA Contributions 875.00
Roth Contributions 0.00
After Tax Income $9,563.21
After Tax Savings -$4,873.55
Pre Tax Savings $5,566.32
Total Savings $692.77
Savings Rate -1.28%

When it rains it pours they say as we’ve got some debt to pay off, another car to get, and a vacation to pay for!

But the best part of being on top of our finances is that there are no surprises and we know exactly what we can and can’t afford! Makes planning all this stuff out much much easier and stress free!

unnamed (1)

We can sleep easy knowing that our financial future becomes more and more secure with each passing day.


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