Monthly Financial Newsletter – April 2019

April showers bring May flowers! And by showers I mean the waterfall of cash we spent last month. Time to start hording it again!

It may have felt like we’ve been burning through cash but if you had to guess how much our net worth grew by last month, I bet you wouldn’t say +$8,699!

That’s right, 8.7k! After coming in negative for March we bounced back big time in April, even after paying some unexpected bills and paying for the bulk of our vacations!

Our new and improved NW now sits at $112,671 which is up +8.37%. Last year at this time our NW was at $40,657. That’s a yearly increase of $72,417 and a YTD increase of $28,346 so far in 2019! Our investments went up 3.2% or $3,307. Crushing it!

Net income for the month was $6,767 with $1,230 of which coming from side income. We we’re able to contribute $4,276 to pre-tax accounts, and added $670 to after tax savings.

Total expenses for the month came out to $6,407, which is quite above our “target” of 4k a month, but mostly because of booking our large vacation, having the family in town, and some of the larger unexpected bills. But I’m not worried about it, here’s the breakdown:

Rent 1500.00
Internet 49.95
Cell Phone 70.00
Water 73.17
Electricity 0.00
Groceries 747.58
Household Items 40.28
Car Insurance 146.86
Home Insurance 16.66
Taxes 310.12
Gasoline 150.99
Car 35.23
House 20.37
Misc. 0.00
Healthcare 316.50
Personal Care 213.31
Necessary Expenses 3941.02
Restaurants 331.93
Alcohol & Bars 231.07
Entertainment 110.65
Shopping Misc 0.00
Hobbies 25.51
Clothing 60.93
Home Purchases 265.74
Travel 1035.74
Gifts & Donations 105.00
One-Offs 0.00
Debt Payoff 300.00
Discretionary Expenses 2466.57
Total Expenses 6407.59
Paycheck Net Income 5537.70
Supplemental Net Income 1230.00
HSA Contributions 340.00
401k Contributions 3436.83
TIRA Contributions 500.00
Roth Contributions 0.00
After Tax Income 6767.70
After Tax Savings 670.23
Pre Tax Savings 4276.83
Total Savings 4947.06
Savings Rate 39.23%


As you can see our savings rate last month was around 40%, and we’re averaging around 40% for the year after being negative last month. I think as long as we continue to have “normal” months for the next couple months we should be able to get that percentage back above 50%.

Otherwise…we… are… killing it. If we look back at my end of the year projections from 2018, we’re about 1 month ahead of the curve and that wasn’t even accounting for car purchases.


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